About us

ITSystems has worked on the local and international market since 2010.

It was founded to meet the IT needs of leading companies and to provide them with a wide range of options to optimize their productivity and income-yield capacity.


Our Mission is to provide our customers with high-quality innovative services as far as collaboration and integration solutions are concerned. We work hand in hand with our clients to meet their needs and expectations by always offering them an added value service in each and every case.


To be nationally and internationally acknowledged as a service company that always exceeds its customer’s expectations and meets their needs. We want to be a company which increases its customer’s outcomes and benefits by developing collaborative and integrated solutions.

Our potential

- We offer expertise in developing systems by using Microsoft products, especially SharePoint and BizTalk.

- We have trained and certified resources to carry out such developments.

- We provide experience and knowledge in each of our services.

- We develop high value-added outcomes with significant cost savings for our customers.

These are some of our strategic allies. They play a key role when achieving our goals

Consultancies are actually part of our advisory service. This means that consultants are not hired to lead organizations or take difficult decisions on behalf of management. They are advisers and have no direct power to decide and implement changes. The only answer they give is about the quality and integrity of its advice. ITSystems focus their consultancies on the following platforms:

1. SharePoint

2. BizTalk

3. Business Intelligence
Integration of applications
Implementing the right strategy of Enterprise Application Integration allows organizations to:

- incorporate new applications more efficiently

- modify business processes required by the organization at a low cost

- automate and optimize business processes that require human intervention

- obtain online and consolidated information for decision makers

All of the above makes IT management more efficient and contributes to a better use of the existing technological infrastructure of the organization. With the right “Integration of application” all the organizations will be using the same language: business language.
Collaboration portals
A collaborative portal is a solution that is used as a highlight of the company, where employees can collaborate with each other, handle important company information, manage content and enable various workflows. It is an easy tool to create custom sites adapted to customers´business needs.

A business environment Collaboration Portals helps the synergy between the two most important assets of a company: people and information. If with add to this synergy 2.0 technologies, where the landmarks of communication and information are infinite, it turns out that cooperation and communication become key factors to succeed. Moreover, if in addition to the above, we add efficient and safe handling management of information, we are increasing company´s productivity.
Business Intelligence
The Business intelligence concept refers to how the use of data in an enterprise fosters decision-making. It encompasses understanding the current operation of the company.
Intelligence tools are based on the use of an intelligence system consisting of different data obtained from the company´s production,business information and finacial data.
First of all, data from different sources are extracted by using ELT techniques and tools (extract, load and transform), or currently ETL (extract, transform and load). After that, data are purified and prepared (homogenization of the data) to finally be stored in a data-base.
The Business Intelligence software life –span depends on the success of its use. If the company is able to increase its financial and administrative level and further decisions taking imImproves the company´s performance, the Business Intelligence software will live longer, otherwise, it will be replaced by another to provide better and more accurate results.
Finally, analytics tools enable modeling representations based on consultations to create a scorecard that provides the basis for further reports.
.NET developments
In the process of analysis, the analyst meets with the client and/or user and identifies their overall goals: he discusses each customer´s perspectives, their needs and requirements on time schedule and budget, marketing lines and other features that can help the identification and development of the project.

The development process is, through using a previously defined methodology, to developed the requirements detected in the previous stage of analysis and planning.
The purpose of these trainings is to increase individual and collective skills, to improve service delivery and performance their duty performance. ITSystems focus its consultants on the following platforms:

1. SharePoint

2. BizTalk

3. Business Intelligence

Our Framework

This is the way we work to achieve solutions that will have a positive impact on your margins


These are some of the companies that we have worked with


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