Unlocking the power of AI with ITSystems specialists

Deliver Exceptional customer experiences and get competitive advantage

Today all industry sectors are under tremendous pressure. Customer knowledge, competitors and rising costs are a constant threat to financial performance, and contribute to erode benefits.

At the same time, clients accustomed to on-demand, “anywhere, anytime” service have increasingly high expectations for responsiveness providers and its speed of delivery

To be successful, companies must balance the need to deliver great customer experiences with the necessity to protect against the financial cost and challenge of delivering on time at the best price.

Doing business intelligence is not enough, analytics competitors use IA to improve operations, optimizing costs and increasing revenue.

Using AI to transform organizational challenges into opportunities

At ITSystems we use an extensive high performance AI framework which provides building blocks for data feeding, data transformation, learning and data visualization, by this way we are able to customize and deploy an AI solution in less time that any other provider.

You can adopt an approach like this:

or like this:

or you simply can adopt an straightforward approach high-performance ALT (Aggregator-Leaf-Taylor) with a streamlined data pipeline that reduces points of failure and the total cost of ownership.

Likuid AP is the result of more than 5 year of I+D working with new AI technologies, methods and patterns. It was created with a singular mission: to provide innovative technology solutions to solve the toughest challenges companies facing at level global competitiveness.

Its unique "click & go" user experience, business users do not have to worry about data cleansing and transformation, the 80% of the effort in AI solutions.

As a result, users can focus on what matter, cross selling, customer retention, operational optimizations, accurate claim settlements or reduced leakage from fraud between others.

The advantage of use Likuid AP is enable to customize your business case in a AI solution ready to go in less time than using traditional approaches.

Our offering "Staffing for AI rapid adoption" is built on our team's deep expertise in data science and machine learning that's focused on customer's needs.

ITSystems specialists work closely with client teams to configure, deploy and optimize our solutions to deliver maximum value quickly, with an average time to ROI of nine to twelve months.

Adopt the power of IA process with ITS and give your executives, analysts and clients an amazing experience as an analytics competitor

More fast companies realize what happen in the field by apply IA techniques, today is the gold standard of customer service in every industry. The more quickly a valid claim can be resolved—without the need for manual analysis and its inherent delays —the better the customer experience will be.

But increases in customer interacción automation have led to increases in undetected of customer dissatisfaction... until now. AI custom solutions, is the key to accelerating anomaly detection, reduce time response and increasing customer satisfaction, while identifying potential fraud with accuracy.

Simple user experience, do more with less

Solutions built with Likuid AP, deliver a simple user experience, empowers companies to exceed executives expectations for operations savings, forecast accuracy or increasing customer loyalty with every marketing mix campaign.

Achieve high performance, without human intervention processing

Likuid AP enables companies to confidently automate the processing of a big volumen of data, identifying patterns and outliers cases for working where it matters most.

Mitigate Automation-Related increase in fraud or dissatisfaction

Adding AI capabilities to business process improve decisions, reduce the risk and increase the return of investment. ITS specialists leverage the powerful capabilities of fraud detection to identify them and flag outliers for further review, highlighting them at the business process.

Identify, investigate, and resolve every type of fraud with more intelligence and less effort

Globally, between 5% and 10% of all power, water and gas consumptions include some element of fraudulent activity across all lines of business. This, results in hundreds of billions of dollars in cost to the utilities sector worldwide.

Reliable and Secure

ITS takes data protection seriously, and employs industry-leading security measures across all areas of our business. We adhere to GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001 standards.